Ducati Scrambler 350cc 1968

Welcome to the Ducati section of my homepage

The bike is sold December 2010

On the homepage you can find information about and pictures of the 1968 Ducati Scrambler motorcycle. The bike was owned by me until December 2010

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How to minimize handlebar vibrations on a Ducati Single

What is this ?

A simple (and cost effective) way to reduce handlebar vibrations

Vibrations is quite common on old single cylinder bikes

See more here: Useful stuff

The "Duc" ready for the road again - April 2010

Now all the winter projects are all done, the only thing left is riding the old thing.

The paint scheme has changed. The tank is now black. A new shiny exhaust downpipe is fitted.

New cables are made

New front brake linings fitted and skimmed to fit the drum

The front fork cleaned for old oil and filled with the factory recommended oil

Engine oil changed 15W/40

New footrest rubbers - pillion footrests added

New sidebags

New correct size (almost) needle and needle jet fitted. The correct needle size (V13) is not available anymore. The bike runs much better now, accelerates and revs better.

Lots of other small jobs made this winter. I cannot remember them all.

I took a couple of new picture the other day. See more in the My Ducati Scrambler - pictures gallery.

See more pictures here: My Ducati Scrambler - pictures

Winterprojects - winter 2009/2010

I will try to list some of the projects I have come up with for the winter.

New exhaust - some kind of upswept model, not sure of the model yet

New paint for gas tank - there's a small spot where the paint has lifted due to an old leakage (tank sealed)

Alloy mudguards - for the fantastic light weight look.

Right now the bikes is a little dismantled. I will keep you up to date with pictures.

I have just sent for some parts from Italy. I hope they are available to me soon.

The bike is in my workshop, totally naked without tank, seat, mudguard and exhaust. Ready for some cleaning and servicing.

X-mas holiday 2009

Today 23/12 the day before christmas my new part came. A nicely packed boxed was delivered to my doorstep by courier from Italy. The shipment was delayed a few days due to very bad vinter conditions in most of Europe. Certainly here in Denmark, the snow is piling up outside. At the time it is better sitting here making up stories for my homepage that laying on my workshop floor freezing.

But with the new parts in house, i cannot wait much longer.

See below for pictures of the parts I just received

New and shiny exhaust downpipe :-)

New and shiny headlight rim with visor

Footrest and gear selector rubber

Various small bits

A set of Ducati saddle bags

I will revert with news when progress is made. I am hoping to see my freshly painted gas tank very soon, can't wait.

Happy holidays

Selected pictures from my photo gallery

My 1968 Duc' Scrambler on the beach in the autum of 2009

The picture is taken in my hometown of Frederikshavn, Denmark (see map below)

The exhaust and rear wheel of my 1968 Ducati Scrambler. The enduro tyres

are not good for high speeds but for my way of driving they are just fine.

And they look awesome, suits the bike.

Your Ducati Scrambler or Scrambler of a different make.

If you are the lucky owner of a Ducati Scrambler or a Japaneese or English Scrambler, Send me a photo of your bike and i will add it to the photo gallery. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have something interesting to tell about classic Ducati's or Scrambler's. You can see the bikes here: Your bike

Jussi from Finland shows his 1969 Scr in the gallery.

Lovely snowy woods in Finland !

Video's of the Scrambler

I have added the section "My Ducati Scrambler - Video" to the sidepanel. Please check out the video's. Let me know what you think, or if you have videos of your classic Ducati or Scrambler of an other make. Check is out: My Ducati Scrambler - Video

Thank you for visiting my Ducati Scrambler homepage, come back soon for updates.

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