Home at last

I got the bike home and on a stand in the yard for a quick inspection.

The below pictures are taken just after the bike was pulled of the trailer

As you can see the bike was fitted with MX tyres and no lighting whatsoever.

The bike was equipped with the original handlebar, the chrome was pitted and painted over. And further inspection showed that it was bend also. Maybe it has been damaged during transport from U.S.A. There was also mounted universal clutch and front brake levers. The original levers was luckily in the parts box delivered together with the bike.

In the box of parts was also all of the lights and switches for the bike.

As you can see the bike was quite fine and with a lot of work already done. The engine is bored and fitted with a new forged piston. Compression is very hard

Tasks to do before my trip to the MOT-station:

  • Make and route a complete new electrical loom
  • Refurbish and fit front and rear lights
  • Fit a parking light (for MOT purposes only)
  • Buy and fit new tyres
  • Buy and change handlebar and levers for clutch and front brake
  • Seal gas tank - did not see that comming
  • Refurbish and fit sidestand and sump protection plate
  • Fabricate and fit a Db killer