Ducati Scrambler - pictures

The first picture of the new "look". Black gas tank and side bags are the most

visible changes. Beneath the surface are more changes to this season.

My insurance does not cover winter riding. So the last Sunday in October I went

on the last ride this year. The ride took me to our local beach.

In the summer the beach in Frederikshavn is crowded with people and it is

the only "palm beach" in Denmark. The palms are in a giant greenhouse during the winter.

Therefore no palms on these pictures.

Above you can see what the beach looks like In the summertime

Above you see the latest pictures taken. Please note the correct air-filter is now on the carburetor.

Also note the original fitted toggle swith mounted on the rear light bracket, nice.

It was ment to be used when racing in the dark, and you did not want the followers to see the you.

Above pictures are taken this summer on a hill called "Øksnebjerg" near my hometown

Above pictures was taken when I fitted a homemade Db-killer in the silencer of

the Scrambler. The Db-killer is made of perforated sheet metal rolled to a tube and welded.

Three small angle brackets was welded to the tube itself. The item is mounted

in the end of the silencer.

The Db-killer is wrapped with steel wool and covered with the reverse cone end cap.

It really helps, now I can ride without getting deff on my right ear.

Above pictures was taken at the museeum where my bike was placed for a couple of years.

And a few pictures for the former owners garage.

The former owner has just collected the bike from the museeum.

As you can see the bike was build to compete in classic moto cross.