Your bike

This is Paul JR on his father's 1970 350 SCR. The picture was taken in 1982 at the infield on Daytona Raceway.

In the last 20 years Paul JR and his father Paul SR has never missed a Vintage Ducati Racing day on the famous Florida raceway.

The bike was bougth back in 1979 and at this moment it is about to be transformed to a MK3 clone.

See below for more of their great bikes

This is Paul JR's 450 Jupiter SCR

This lovely 1964 Diana 250 5 speed is also owned by Paul SR.

The bike has reced in the USA in the 1965 season. Then put into storage until Paul SR bought it in 1974.

Paul SR replaced all the roadgoig parts a put it on the streets again.

We really need to thank Paul for putting this beauty back on the streets

A British visitor dropped me this picture. That's a classic. And in black and white, it doesn't get much better

The bike is a 1969 250cc Scrambler.

This is Harvey's bike. Just refurbished and very nice indeed

My fried Steve spottet this daily driver in Italy. One of the guys from the

local supermarket used it for his daily commuting. Do you want to use your

classic Ducati for a daily driver ?

This nice 1970 Ducati 450 SCT belongs to Trenton Eckhardt.

It roams the backroads in Washington state, U.S.A. Very nice

and original bike.

At the moment the bike is being converted to 12V electrics, and

other modifications is also done to the bike.

Jussi from Espoo, Finland owns this beautilful 1968 350 Scrambler

Looks a bit like mine. See more pictures below

As you can see Finland is also covered with snow, here in January 2010.

Very fine cromed tank on this '68 350 Scr. The bike is imported to Finland

from U.S.A. Just like mine. It's the only way to get hands, on one of these bikes.

The 350cc powerplant