Technical / model history

A little history of the 350cc widecase scrambler

The model year 1968 was the very first year of the widecase singles. The name is referring to the rear engine mounts is much wider than the old "narrowcase" version.

The widecase version is improved in a number of places. I will just mention a few

  • Larger capacity sump 2,1 -> 2,7 litre
  • Improved kick starter mechanism
  • Stronger alternator
  • Better big-end bearings
  • There was also a number of smaller changes including gearbox and selector

The 350 scrambler was the first widecase model released (May 1968). Almost all of the scrambler's was delivered to U.S.A. or Australia.

My specific bike was delivered from Ducati, Bologna to the Berliner Motor Company. The Berliner Motor Company was the official Ducati dealer for the U.S.A.

A special thing with all the bikes sold through the Berliner Motor Company was that they were not stamped with a frame number. The dealer just put a sticker on the steering head. The sticker was not present on my bike.

Technical specifications:

Carburettor settings