Here I will post pictures and stories from some of my rides on my Ducati Scrambler.

Touring in Sweden - new

Along with a couple of friends I went on a weekend trip to Sweden. We took the ferry early Saturday morning. The first stop after leaving the deck of the ferry (the Duc' sounds awesome inside the ferry's haul) we went to the Volvo Museeum. Only 15 minutes drive from the ferry. The museeum is located in the outskirts of the city of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.

The bikes on the trip is:

1956 NSU Super Lux - 200cc two-stoke single - owned by Lindhardt

1952 Nimbus - 750cc straight four (Danish produced motorcycle) - Owned by Joergen

1968 Ducati Scr - My 350cc single

The Volvo museeum contains all the models made by the Volvo factory and a lot of trucks, busses, marine engines, and other stuff made by Volvo. The day of our visit was also the 15 year anniversery of the museeum. Therefore there was a lot of special arrangements and a lot of people showed their Volvo's of differet age and style.

See below for pictures from Volvo

Nice cars, these Volvo's

After the visit at Volvo was heading a bit North from Gothenburg. Our goal was a Hostel in Trolhättan. From home I planned a route on small roads in the beautiful swedish countryside. See pictures below:

As you can see in the pictures Trollhättan is a very beautiful place. The town is widely known for the locks on the canal and the power plants driven by the water in the river and canals. Fantastic buildings made completely of granite from the local mountains. The 13 turbine power plant in the pictures is 100 years old.

On the road to Trollhättan we suddenly came to a place where a bridge was under construction. No problem for three Danes on old bikes. See the nice shots of the balancing technic used to force the construction site. It was so fun I almost wet myself.

The wheather forecast for the weekend was not very promising. They forecasted heavy rain maybe even snow slush and a maximum of 5 degrees celcius. But the weathergods was kind to us. It was cold, but almost no rain. Check Joergen's rain suit. Nice style.

The bikes performed well. There was some small problems with the NSU Super Lux. The problem was that suddenly the rear part of the exhaust was shot clear of the bike. It sounded just like a gun shot and then the exhaust misile was launched from the rear of the bike. After much fiddling Joergen discovered that the points gap was way to small. The points got adjusted properly and the bike ran fine again. Without danger for anyone standing behind the german made 11 hp misile launcher.

Three Danes on the road

Sunday morning after a nice sleep at the "Gula Villan" (the yellow villa). We headed to the SAAB car museeum in Trollättan. The car factory is also placed in this town.

The SAAB factory was almost closed by GM (General Motors) . SAAB was saved by the bell in the absolute last round of the fight. Dutch Sportscar manufacturer Spyker bought SAAB. Along with some other investors they saved thousands of job in Sweden. See pictures from the SAAB museeum below:

They have made som quite special cars at SAAB.

After visting SAAB we pointed the bikes south towards Gothenburg again. Back on the same nice and curvy road again. We did not take notice of the bridge contruction sign (again), this time I captured it on a small video clip. See it below.

The last stage of the trip was sadly disrupted by a bike crash. Arond the town of Säve the road was blocked by rescue vehicles and police cars. A guy on a new sportsbike "forgot" to turn left after a small stretch on the curvy back road. I really hope that he is OK.

Back on the ferry to Denmark (3 1/4 hour) we all agreed that this is not the last road trip on these old bangers.

Late summer night in Saeby.

One friday after the kids was put to bed I decided to take the Duc' for a spin. The ride went to my birthtown called Saeby. Saeby is located app. 15 km from Frederikshavn where I live.

The wether was very nice, almost all of the tourist was gone (Saeby is a very popular place for tourist in my region), and the Duc' performed perfectly.

I went to the cosy harbour. A very nice place in the summer. Sometimes you feel yourself as you were at the French Riveira or something like that. See the below pictures.

On the first of the above pictures there is a view of the beach in Saeby

On the second picture you can see my home town Frederikshavn far away. You can just see the cranes on the shipyard and one of the giant wind turbines placed in the sea just outside the harbour.

On the third picture you can see a small view of at the little marina in Saeby

On the first of the above pictures you can see some of the old buildings at the harbour in Saeby

On the second picture there is more buildings and the old white church dated back to app. year 1450 a.c.

On the third picture my Ducati is surrounded by newer bikes. The harbour in Saeby is a popular place to go to for the Friday night icecream.

Sorry for the poor picture quality on some of the pictures. My camera was not on the correct settings.

Airshow on local airfield

The local sportsplane club on the smal airfield of "Ottestrup" invited everyone to come and see (and hear) what they are about.

There was visit of vintage planes of different kind and also a display of model aircraft.

For a smal fee you could get a small round trip in a glider-plane, sports-plane, ultra light plane or a helicopter. According to the face colour of the people that went on a round trip, it sure was very fun.

There was a visit of four old "chipmunks" trainer planes. They were build in 1946 and used as a pilot trainer for many years of the danish air force. They are very rare, only eight planes are left in the world today. See pictures above.

Above you see a Swedish registered Russian Yak-52. Equipped with a 9 cylinder radial engine. When it started, I was stunned. It makes the most fantastic sound, like nothing else. The pilot made a couple of very low fly-by's, amazing stuff. Fast and powerfull and very flickable. Many of these planes are used for aerobatics.

An Australian made Nomad used by the parachute jumpers. Nice plane with twin turboprops. This place also made an amazing low fly-by when leaving the airfield.

My colleague Jens Soerensen's Socata Tampico. A four seater low wing sportsplane. Very nice and ohh so fun.

A view of a corner on the airfield. There was a large number of ultra light (home-made) planes. Some of then very nice and very quick. A few of then used not more than 50-60 meters of runway to take-off. I talked to one owner, his plane weighed only 300 kgs and the engine put out 100 bhp. Quite impressive weight / power ratio.

The weather was not the best, but a very nice day at "Ottestrup" airfield.

I will be back soon with more "rides".