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Handlebar vibrations

Owners of many kinds of classic bikes knows about the issues of vibrations. Many bikes suffers from vibrations. In handlebars, footpegs and through the saddle.

The problem I faced was handlebar vibrations. I surfed the internet to find a simple solution. I found 1000 ways to solve the problem and forum threads so long that the last contributor did not seem to know the first question.

I did find one interesting solution. Fill the handlebar completely with silicone. Regular silicone that you use around you house for various jobs.

I used a normal pressue tool to fill the handlebar. And then a piece of rubber hosing to press the silicone all the way through. When the silicone appeared in the other end of the handlebar.

Then, if this isn't enough I thought a couple of handlebar weights is needed. So why not do it at the same time. I found an old rear axel from a two stroke Yamaha. The head and the thread of the axel was cut off, and the remains was divided in two pieces. Exactly the same length.

The two pieces of steel was the inserted into the ends of the handlebar. Hold in place by a small screwdriver until the silicone cures. After the silicone cured the ends was trimmed with a stanley knife and the handlebar grips mounted again. DONE.

Did it help ?

Yes. It has not completely removed the vibrations. But before my fingers was sleeping after about 20 minutes of riding. And on our road trip in Sweden we covered about 200 miles without any problems.

But the some of the vibes will still be there. If you want to have a bike without any vibrations, you have to buy a new multi-cylinder bike. But where is the soul in a bike like that ?

See pictures of the project below

Messing with silicone, has he lost it completely......

Electrical diagrams

Wiring drawing and parts list

Above you can find electrical drawings and parts lists for 350cc Scrambler's

both with sealed beam headlight and with normal removable bulb headlight

Above is a electrical diagram for the 1968 250/350cc Scrambler, and

the 250/350cc Mark 3.

With colour codes

Identification plate

Above is a picture of the original mounted identification plate

It is just a removable sticker, so it is not very reliable.