When I bought it

I bought the bike just before christmas 2008 (nice present for myself). The bike was rebuild for competing in classic moto cross. But luckily it has never seen the track, so no dents or damage. The previous owner placed the bike on a museum after it was rebuild. He could not tharsh it on the track after all the work.

The paperwork was OK, the US papers came with the bike. And also did all of the parts for going back on public roads

The only electrics on the bike was ignition. The original loom was in a sorry state, but present and complete.

The bike was equipped with MX tyres and they was doomed from day one.

My Ducati at the "Hjallerup Mekaniske Museum"

Below you can see pictures taken by me app. 6 months prior to buying th Ducati. It is on show at a local car, bike and tractor museum.

The bike is placed there by the previous owner after realising that it would be a shame to thrash the old Duc' on a MX track.

It was his idea to compete with it in the Danish Classic Motocross Championship.

At the time of these pictures I could only hope, that this piece of machinery would one day be mine